The Future of Utah: Something Citizens Can Be a Part of


Dallin Hawkins, Student Life Specialist

Utah holds a profound heritage and boasts a record high economy as well as a healthy incubating environment for new and growing businesses. This success means very little, however, if it is not continued by those who hold the power to shape its future, the Utah citizens.


“A very important thing is to vote,” Channel 4 News anchor Emily Clark said. “Every November when we have an opportunity to voice our opinions it is your necessity and your requirement as a citizen of not just the state but of our country to go out and let your voice be heard.”


The foundation has been set by the pioneers who settled Utah. They were known for their hard work and dedication in setting Utah up to be the great state that it is. They exemplified the dream for a better world and doing all one can to leave it in a good place for the upcoming generation.


“We have a responsibility to provide opportunities for those who follow us,” Utah Governor Gary Herbert said. “We are a state that was founded by pioneers who came here for freedom and opportunity, to get away from persecution, carve a civilization out of a wilderness, and working together did something that was remarkable. Their phrase they took from the Bible, the Old Testament in the book of Isaiah, ‘We will make the desert blossom as a rose.’ And they did it.”


It was hard work that unified the founders of Utah and it is going to be hard work that will unite the Utah citizens today. Considering what has been accomplished in the past with this hard working mentality it is exciting to imagine the potential of Utah in the future.


“The example of those who have gone before us; of collaboration, of hard work, of having good principles and values, have allowed us to succeed today,” Herbert said. “The foundation of our success is the people of Utah.”


The power is in the people. As citizens appoint government leaders that uphold their values alongside the principles of the US Constitution, a healthy government-to-people relationship is developed and the state is provided the perfect opportunity to grow and prosper.


“With good principles, good values, they elect people with those good principles and good values,” Herbert said. “Those elected officials create good policy that reflects those principles and values and are giving us great outcomes in the state of Utah.”