LDS Seniors Begin to Receive Mission Calls

Anthony Coombs

LDS Seniors Begin to Receive Mission Calls

Ethan Bovee, Website Editor

Davis High has a unique culture compared to other schools in the country. Because approximately 90% of Davis High are members of the LDS church, Davis has a large percentage of its student body going on an LDS mission. There are seniors that have been called across the map from Fiji to Croatia, so many countries will be filled with Davis High graduates. The final few months of the school year are full of emotions as so many kids know what is awaiting them in the future.


“I’m gonna miss my friends the most, just the good times we’ve had,”Cooper Atkinson, who is called to serve in Argentina said.


Some even have to learn a completely new language. Some of the languages that missionaries have to learn are incredibly regional and very difficult. Croatian, Mandarin Chinese, and Tagalog are just a few of the languages students must learn.


“I’m most nervous for the language, just because it’s gonna take some time and I don’t know what people are saying,” Jake Barnes, who is speaking Spanish said.


“Being away from my family for 2 years, that will be kind of scary,” Atkinson said.


Being away from family is something that almost every senior will experience especially if they plan to go to college away from home.