Softball Celebrates Region Title

Spencer Hill


Ryan Lindberg, Reporter

The softball team has had a long tradition of excellence like many of the other sports here. This year the girls’ team took home the region championship along with a 17-2 game record.

“I played with older girls all growing up and so a lot of the girls played for Davis high and they loved it so I knew they had a good team,” pitcher Mia Cullimore said.

Most of the girls that are on the team have been playing softball since they were able to at a very young age. The sport is extremely competitive and has a high demand for quick and coordinated athletes.

“I have to do snaps every day and work on my spins to move the ball so that they can’t hit it,” said Cullimore.

Along with individual training the team must work as a whole to be able to play at an elite level. They have been able to have a very successful season and have beat both rivals and some of the highest ranked teams in Utah.

“Our biggest rival is probably Syracuse,” said Cullimore. “Because they like to try and cause beef on twitter and we know all the girls and so it’s always a good game when we play them. We beat them 8-0 last time we played them though.”
Along with a winning record they have also had multiple athletes highlighted and mentioned in both local and statewide papers. Sophomore Paige Elkins and senior Paige Reynolds were recently featured in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

“Me and paige Reynolds, who’s a senior,” said Elkins. “Were featured on the article as the ‘Power of the Paige’s.’ It talked about her job as a lead off to do whatever it takes. My job as the second batter is to execute and get her in.”

The softball team will be competing next week in the State tournament going in as the #1 seed from Region 2. For more information on their schedule and rankings visit the school website at or