Football Leaders Direct the Team

Cameron Jacobsen


Alyssa Seager, Reporter

Davis high students have always had the ‘Defend the Tradition’ mentality. This mentality stands true for the leaders of the football team; those of which have worked as captains to improve the team since early March.

“The more we bond and get to know each other the more successful we’ll be with all the new things that are going on,” Football Captain Matt Gardner said.

Many of these leaders want the team to succeed and really inspire the team members to do their best. Which is why it’s critical to them to express the importance of hard work and dedication to their team.

“You just work hard every day. You go out in the hot sun and do everything you can, when you can and take every minute of it and don’t take any of it for granted,” Gardner added.

Quarterback Parker Sapp agreed and explained that coming together and performing as a team is what is most important. As well as, making the most out of what they have and just striving to do their best to get the job done.  

Gardner and Sapp understand the importance of being leaders and strive to improve their team every day.

“Being a part of something is really meaningful especially something as important as the football team. And having someone to look up to is super important. Just being that person now is like awesome. It means the world that somebody looks up to you and follows what you do,” Gardner said.