Social Media Usage Divides School

Mason Hall


Brian Griffiths, Reporter

Social Media in the USA is huge. To prove it just look around and you’ll see many people texting and tweeting on their phones. And our high school is no exception. In fact in some classes you can see people texting and on their phones.

As many know there are teachers at school who are very strict when it comes to phones whether it’s taking them away to locking them in an impenetrable steel box. And there are others who are a little more lenient. And that can be good like sharing thoughts and comments with other classmates.

“If they’re doing to like answer like a question they can ask them and they know the answer they can get it better,” Junior Travis Murphy said.

But they can also harm students because some people can cheat and cyber bully other people in class. In fact, according to a study the more you use it the lower your grades, GPA and attention span. But it can also be good like how at D-TV we use social media to exchange stories like the one you are reading right now.

“I think it’s a waste of time for students to be on their phones and checking social media and being on social media when they could have a much better time listening to teacher doing home work and bettering themselves,” Spanish teacher Mr.Borup said.