Volleyball Team Strives to Improve


In the crazy fall season, high school sports are usually dominated by the likes of Varsity Football or Soccer. A lot of other sports go under the radar. One of those sports is Varsity Girls Volleyball. Last season the team was 23 and 9 for the season and had a 9 and 3 conference record. This season so far the team has a 4 and 5 record for the season and a 2 and 1 conference record.

As the season has started the team has noticed many things they need to improve, but they have also gained new sophomores who will be great in future years.

Head coach, Lori Salvo, said about improving the team, “ We’ve got to get consistent we played a really good match against Northridge on Wednesday and we were real consistent for four games and that’s how that game came with a W.”

In volleyball communication skills are very important as there are lots of people on the court and they can’t all converge to the ball so they need to communicate on who will get the ball and that is another thing the volleyball team has worked on.

“Communication skills are key and that we really need to work with talking to each other so we can trust each other on the court,” varsity senior Emma Cheney said.

Communication and friendship go hand in hand as well.

“I also think that it’s really important our team is all friends with each other because if we’re friends off the court were gonna be friends on the court and then we can play together because we know how each other work and we can do our best to win our games,” Cheney said.

The team has gained several valuable new sophomores as well. Sophomores such as Lexi Sunderland, Hannah Stahle and Olivia Watts are quickly becoming valuable as they get more and more time on the court, and they are looking to become very valuable as they become juniors and seniors. With these improvements and new sophomores the girls’ varsity volleyball team will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of this year and for the next few years.