Bullying Effects Students


Kennedy Parker, Reporter

Junior, Alisa Langston, was in the photography classroom a few weeks ago when a letter was found written from one student to another to harass the recipient. The letter was confiscated and disciplinary action was set in place. However, bullying still remains an issue on and off campus.

“I haven’t seen anything major lately but just little things going on in the halls or written in the bathrooms. I think [bullying] is definitely real and prevalent,” Senior Romney Mathewson said.

Although acts of bullying may not appear to be as immense as seen in movies and television, the effects are huge and seemingly inescapable.

“For sure put more efforts into preventing [bullying] because there will always be kids who get depressed about it and then we lose lives,” Junior Makayla Prince said.

The ripple effect of such tragedies is not unfamiliar to students across Davis School District; however, the repercussions are no less devastating.

“Students should try to be there for each other and stand up for each other,” Mathewson said.

Having a strong support system is crucial both in situations where bullying is present as well as when dealing with the loss of a loved one or a peer.

“People should be able to talk about it if it’s going on. Make sure communication is easy, that’s the biggest thing,” Senior Alex Madsen said.

A major factor in why teenagers may feel like suicide is the only option, is bullying and harassment. There is a fine line between this and simple teasing. The effects of this behavior have never been harmless.

“It’s hard to [prevent] it because those who are bullied don’t always want to say that they are. But I mean obviously we should try a lot of means to try to stop it,” Senior Jake Ethington said, “I think that people who bully are confused about what they feel about other people. Because I think if you took the time to learn about somebody you couldn’t dislike them because everybody’s cool in their own way. Those who want to be kind to others need to really reach out. It’s going to be more effort on our part.”