Students Gather for the Magic

Bentley Holley


Brian Griffiths, Reporter

Magic the Gathering is a card game that has been around since 1993 and was one of the first trading card games. It is known to be difficult to play at first but supposedly gets easier over time. The whole point of the game is to destroy your opponent’s magic characters with yours and your resources. It’s a game of risk, destruction and strategy that leaves one player a glorious champion and the other in saddening defeat. And yet all this awesomeness happens during lunch everyday in the Magic the Gathering club.

“It’s a place to learn how to be good winners and good losers,” Advisor for the club Mr.Merrill said.

For those who are learning to play here’s a basic understanding of how to play. There’s 8 zones called Graveyard, Exile, Battlefield, AWOL, Stack, Library, Hand and Command. Each zone are used for different reasons. The Library which is the player’s deck is random and always face down. The Graveyard is the discard pile and have “dead” cards. The Stack is cards that have been known but not resolved. The Battlefield is pretty cut and dry and is where the cards go to “fight” the opponent and stay there and don’t move until killed or moved. The Hand is the player’s hand it’s hidden to the enemy. The Exile is when cards are forced to be “on hold” and can’t be used until the spell is reversed. The Command is a zone where there are cards that can affect the game but can’t be on the battlefield. The AWOL is reserved only for the rare AWOL character card.

But with all that power there requires Mana which is like the fuel for powering your monsters and spells. There are some cards who don’t require mana but for the most part they need it. The mana also has a bunch of different colors that only relate to a certain monster of the same color.

That’s pretty much the brass tacks. But there are more rules that if you master you can become a Magic master and invite your friends into it too.

“It’s fun way to invite people,” 1st officer Spencer Graves said.

If you want more information here’s the link to learn more.