Davis High Lacks Language Skills

Savannah Allen, Publisher


Being bilingual helps the brain become more efficient. Some students and teachers are very passionate about language. However, others lack the motivation to learn more.

“I would’ve taken a foreign language for a scholarship,” Matt Garrido, senior auto shop student said, “but I don’t care to learn something I’ll never use.”

56% of responders around the world reported that they are bilingual. Meaning they can speak at least one other language, not including their mother tongue.

        “My dad is straight from Chile, and speaks fluent Spanish. He never taught me, because in this growing world, it isn’t necessary to know their language. You can still find ways to communicate via google translate, etc,” Garrido said.

        Students have argued that they aren’t even learning the language in class, and it is not helping them become fluent at all.

        “Because they’re lazy. Kids don’t want to do the work, or put in the effort. We provide them with the opportunity, and at that point it is the student’s’ responsibility to keep up the work.” Sheila Okal, Davis High sign language teacher said.

        The topic of other languages has become increasingly relevant to Davis students.

        “Learning a new language doesn’t actually help anyone. If you don’t care, then you don’t care. But if you do, keep up with it,” Okal said.