Dating Davis or Dancing Davis

Dating Davis or Dancing Davis

Olivia Egan, Reporter

High School is a milestone in and of itself, but it brings many mini milestones with it. The most significant to many teens being dating. Here at Davis we seem to lack interest in dating and place a higher value on going to a dance with someone.

Dances are different than dating.

“I like dances but they are kind of like, there is a lot of anxiety over dances. They are kind of scary,” senior Benjamin W. Packer said.

“They’re a lot more formal and some dates are kind of casual but dances are a lot more formal,” Packer said.

To many students there is a clear difference between dates and dances. Dances seem to be a lot more pressure while dates are fun, casual, and even mean more to a person.

“I think dating has a romantic undertone to it,” junior Micah Yerman said.

“I think it almost takes more guts to ask on a date and you are trying to get to know them more, when it’s just like a casual date,” senior Rachel Garrett said.

Students, whether male or female ask on dates when they have a genuine interest in getting to know someone.

“Dances there’s a lot more pressure. You have to get all dressed up and impress everybody and stuff but dates you can just be super casual and it’s just a lot more fun,”  senior Jaxson Skeen said.

Students like the casualness of a normal date but many people only go to dances and don’t date much in between. Students that do go on dates in-between dances are the ones that ask.

“I’ve asked on a bunch of dates and it’s just fun. And then it gets the boys wanting to do more I think,” Garrett said.