Model UN Club Teaches About Politics

Bentley Holley

Bailey Bilderback, Reporter

The Model UN club is a club centered around world affairs and how members can feel like an active part of society by trying to figure out solutions to world problems by holding mock UN meetings. They do this by teaching the members how to think critically and learn about politics.


“Basically what we will do is congregate with other schools that also have model UN clubs, and we choose a country to represent and we try and solve problems” senior Parker Hull said.


Being part of the Model UN club provides experience that looks good on college applications, resumes and scholarships. It allows students to have an active role in Davis High and in the district.


“It’s great practice for people who want to improve their speaking skills and also provides a group of kids who will hopefully have a place where they can feel involved.” senior Jonah Feigleson said.


The Model UN club welcomes anyone to come join their club, especially students who have a passion for politics. Since this club is new, meeting times have not been determined. For more information and updates on meeting times talk to Hyer, Jonah Feigleson, or Parker Hull.