Early Proposals to the Christmas Dance


Hope Smith, Reporter

            Lindsey Reich is a Senior this year and has already asked to the Christmas Dance. She felt a ton of pressure to ask by her friends and ended up asking 2 days after Homecoming. This is the case for a ton of girls at this high school.

            Girls are asking to the Christmas dance up to two months in advance so that they can get the guy they want. This race is creating awkward situations and some stressed out girls.

            “I felt really stressed cause all my friends were asking and everyone said they were asking right after homecoming so I was like, ya know, if I want a chance to ask somebody that I wanted I probably should ask really soon,” Reich said.

             This pressure is felt by so many girls at our school. Girls who have asked, like Reich, have their guy but are now in an awkward situation. Girls who haven’t asked yet feel like this is a race. Bailey Kealamakia is an example.

             “All the good ones are being taken! If I want to get my man I have to hurry!” Kealamakia said.

             Obviously, these girls are planning to or have already asked way early. The real question is if it’s a bad thing.

           “I think asking early is good because then we can plan and get my dress ready, and there’s no last-minute plans,” Kealamakia said.

            There are definitely some positives like extra planning time and preparation. There are also some negatives though.

            “I think it makes some people feel left out because they didn’t get asked way early,” Nate Sheffield said.

            It’s true that guys who aren’t getting asked right away probably feel pretty crappy. They might get asked eventually, but since they aren’t getting asked way quick they could feel bad.

            “The guy that I asked is wondering if we should already start planning stuff but it’s so far away! So, it’s really awkward,” Reich said.

            This dilemma can be awkward. People don’t know if they should start planning and buying things right now because the dance isn’t for 2 more months. The struggle is real for these girls.