Phones are a big distraction to students and teachers as well.

Phones are a big distraction to students and teachers as well.

Mary Dinney, Reporter

Students love phones because that’s where they find out so many things they don’t know. Some use their phone for a better reason but some just want to use it because they’re bored, and they want to check things very non-important. This year, almost everyone in the school walks around with phones in their hands. If not a phone, then an ipad, ipod, or a tablet just to use them for music or games.Two students were being interviewed and both of them have different kind of answers.


“Personally, I can’t live without my phone, especially because of social media, it’s a like a really big thing nowadays,” Senior Liahona Motai said.


Phones are addictive but sometimes they have to give themselves some break and do something that does not involve your phone at all.


“I have been grounded a lot from using my phone too much but I just find a way to get it back, I mean that’s how addicting it is,” Motai said.


People can’t  live without their phones but finding a way to get back their phones even when they’re  grounded is just going over the line.


“I think I can come to school without my phone for one day but I’m still not sure about it, I usually just check things that other students usually check too like snap-chat, instagram, twitter, and facebook I mean, we look at people posting about their lives and why not post ours too,” Motai said.


In High School, most students love to act like others just so people think their cool. If someone does something, that other person would do it too. They do not want to be the last person to do that stuff so sometimes, they have to do it at the same time. Checking things on phones is a very common thing for most high schoolers.


“I think people should put their phones away for a while just so they know what’s going on around them,” Junior Jessica Swenson said.


People need to know what’s going on outside of the phone, they need to know what’s about to happen. You do not want to run into a pole in front of a million students so you have to help decrease phone usage.


“They need to look at people, smile and be more involved instead of heads in the phone all the time,” Swenson said.


Walking into a pole in front of a thousand people is the last thing you would want to happen to you. Some students love walking and using their phones at the same time which is not the best idea because then that would cause a lot of injuries and not to mention embarrassment.  


“I can come to school without my phone, it’s not that hard,” Swenson said.


Phone usage is a common problem at every high school and even though all staffs are always trying their best to decrease that problem, some students just can’t live without their phones which cause them to break rules, fail their classes, and forget to do assignments.


“I wish they don’t use their phones during those times, because it disturbs their education but sometimes I allow them just to look important stuff up. But most of the times, it’s a distraction and it hurts their learning.” Civics teacher said.