Students List Favorite Date Ideas

Zach Hughes


As the weather and seasons change, students are having to find new hobbies, activities and ways of entertainment. Dating, a popular activity for many students, also takes a turn as popular pass-times move indoors for the winter. As more and more people search the community for good dance day-date ideas or just for date ideas in general, they are asking themselves what makes a perfect date.
“I think it’s just personal time that makes it so good, like when he talks to you and kind of just makes it about you. It’s fun to go on big group dates but it’s hard when they go over and talk to everyone else because yeah we’re all friends, but it’s our time to get to know each other and it’s better when you give your attention to the person you’re with,” Junior Savannah Bentley said.
There are many aspects of a date that either make it or break it. Things such as the amount of time, the type of activity, and the group that you’re in can affect the outcome of the date. Everyone knows that the perfect date also depends on who you’re with.
“The best date is asking a guy that you’re friends with at first and someone you can have easy conversation with. If you ask a guy you’ve never met then it’s really awkward and you don’t know what to say, so guys, ask a girl you know,” Junior Tessa Washburn said.
Everyone has a different opinion on dating, but no matter how successful a single date is, students are encouraged to remember to go on plenty of fun, casual dates. In the past, Davis has had the reputation of being “Dateless Davis” and many students are trying to get rid of that title.
“Money doesn’t make a date. If you’re spending a ton of money on a date then that’s fine, if you want to do that then you can do that, but what makes it a good date is that the other person has a good time,” Senior Keaton Williams said