Cast of Once on this Island Prepares for Performance

Zach Hughes


Mary Dinney and Brooke Christenson

The cast for Davis High’s production of Once On This Island has been working hard on their play since last spring. Auditions were held a few months in advance, giving students time to learn more about the musical plot and about its revival on Broadway.


“So it’s been shown on Broadway before, then it was taken off and just wasn’t run there for a long time and they’re doing it again under the name of a broadway revival,” cast member Ethan Hoffmann said.


Actors have been rehearsing most week days to prepare for the musical’s opening on November 10th. The director will run singing rehearsals, dance rehearsals and sometimes a combination of both depending on what needs work.


“The rehearsals have been tough to be honest, a lot of them have. We’ve been working pretty hard on our feet for a lot of it for the dances. If you’ve been in the auditorium under the hot lights dancing, it [feels] like a hundred degrees,” Hoffmann said.


Students say despite the hard work and time consumption the musical demands, it is worth it to show their talents in an activity they love and produce a show of their own.


“I just like being able to tell other people stories while being able to tell your own story, so you’re able to become a character but still yourself in that character.” actor Julia Loveland said.


The musical performances will begin November 10th and continue daily excluding sundays. Performances are at 7PM in the auditorium, tickets are 7 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for students with ID.