New Students

Natalie Tanner

High school, it’s filled with all sorts of people. Most of whom have been with each other almost their entire lives; they’ve grown up together. Except for the select few who are new students. It can be hard to recognize new students because Davis high is huge. But the new students are different. They come into high school and don’t know anybody. They didn’t grow up with anybody from this high school.

“I mean I was used to going to schools where I knew kids from like elementary school,” New Davis High Senior Morgan Smith said.

Elementary school kids are easy and open-minded and would befriend anyone, but high school students however, are not that open. They already have their friends. They judge anybody that is different.

“Uh, kinda alright, [meeting new people], I mean like it was kinda hard,” Smith said.

Sometimes new students in high school may feel like outsiders, which makes sense, they don’t know anyone. It can be hard for some new students to make friends, which that is how it is generally.


“[Davis is ] very different, it was hard [coming to Davis] I had to re figure out how to do everything… the classes are different, the curriculum feels different…,” New Student, Marrisa Hanely from Mississippi said.  

Because new students don’t know anybody, they tend to be more shy and fall into the shadows of the background.

“If you’re like me, it gets kinda difficult and you gotta really build yourself up to just [go up and talk to be and be like] ‘hey um.. I’m I’m  Marrisa, what’s your name?” Senior Hanely said.

The high school students that have known each other since they were kids should reach out to the new students.

“And then you got people like [the SBO’s] that are like ‘Hello!’” Hanely said.