New Students at a 6A School


As the third biggest high school in the state, it is easy to feel lost in the busy hallways of Davis High. This year, there were only 55 new students who moved to a school with over 2600 students, making up less than 2.5% of the school’s population.


At Davis, seniors who have been with the same friend group since junior high are more common than not. One of the biggest problems in getting new students involved in the school is that other students may not even be aware that they are new because they have stayed with the same click for years.


“The only way I would even know if they were a new student is if I asked them,” senior Parker Hull said. “[There’s no way for me] to really tell who’s new and who isn’t because I see people I don’t know [in the hallway] more than people I do know usually.”


In a recent survey, students who have lived here from the time they were about 12 years old tended to think there were about twice as many new students transferring in as there actually were. However, they also tended to say that they only personally knew or talked to 1-2 new students each year.


It seems that students are aware about this wide-spread problem of under-friended new students but are too busy with their own groups to do anything about it.


Senior Sam Rice transferred this year to Davis from the 5a school, Bountiful High. With over a 1000 less students than Davis, one might assume it would be a rather difficult transition.


“It’s different,” Rice said. “[But] awesome student body. It’s a cool experience.”


Rice has had an overall positive experience as a new student at Davis but there are many other students that go unnoticed.


“The best way to include them is to just say hello I think,” Hull said.