Students Enjoy Christmas Once a Month All Year

Bentley Holley

Kennedy Parker, Reporter

It is that time of year again, the holiday season where everyone seems to get a long a little better. The lights shine brighter, the songs are sung louder, Christmas sweaters worn prouder and spirits are lighter. There is a lot to love about the holidays, if only this season came around more than once a year. One very merry student decided he could change that.

Jaedon Johnson created his own little club he calls Mini Christmas. A time to gather together and bring back the Christmas spirit no matter what time of year. His Mini Christmas club grows more each month, the more the merrier they say.

“Mini Christmas is my brain child. I came up with the idea almost exactly a year ago. January 2017 came around and I was feeling the Christmas blues, it was almost 11 months until Christmas would come around and I decided that I really miss the Christmas spirit,” Senior Jaedon Johnson said.

During the bleak months of winter after the parties are over and all the gifts are opened, and the snow starts to fade to gray, many become desperate for anything to lift their spirits.

“Essentially what it was is on January 25th  I decided that I was going to wear pajamas all day long and I was going to buy myself a Christmas present. And that is how it started. But every single month that has followed, every single 25th, I have gained followers and now it’s a real celebration, a real thing where a lot of people just like to celebrate Christmas and everything that coincides with it on the 25th of every month,” Johnson said.

“So, we wear Christmas sweaters, we give gifts sometimes or just bring candy to share. We kind of just have a good time when it’s not Christmas and we’re pretending like it is, Senior Jake Ethington said. If we just went 300 days or whatever of the school year consecutively without a weekend to look forward to it would be terrible, so this is kind of something to look forward to each month if there’s not an actual holiday.”

Keeping up the Christmas spirit all year round has been a huge help to the students involved. Shortly after Christmas break is over and students have returned to school, third term begins. Third term has little to no breaks and is often one of the most stressful and drawn out terms all year. Having something so uplifting like Mini Christmas at this time becomes very beneficial.

“To kind of get a little emotional, I’m sure everyone has experienced the joy and the happiness that coincides with the Christmas season and I think I’m not the only one who really misses that sometimes during the year. I think Mini Christmas is important not necessarily for all the goofy quirks it has; the sweaters, the cookies, the songs. But I think Mini Christmas is mostly important because it kind of gives us a constant reminder of the Christmas spirit and how we can be kind, generous, and you know just really nice to everyone and I love that,” Johnson said.