Foreign Figures Lunchtime Concert

Foreign Figures Lunchtime Concert

Alexis McPherson, Reporter

Since the time of records and tape players, music has dominated as one of the most prevalent features in the lives of many at Davis High. One of the most popular genres of music among students this year is alternative/pop. On October 18 during lunch, the alternative/indie band Foreign Figures provided an inspirational concert for red ribbon week that many students enjoyed.


“I like them a lot. I thought they were amazing,” senior Maddie Wilco said.


However, despite the warm welcome and praise they received, there have been mixed responses as to if students have really started to listen to the band outside of the school sponsored event.


“I already listened to Foreign Figures actually and mostly similar artists, so my music [choices have] stayed the same,” senior Elise Barker said.


Many who were not as into alternative music before the concert say they have added Foreign Figures as well as other alternative artists into their daily mix.


“I usually listen to rap and I listen more alternative now that’s more similar to theirs,” senior Hunter Stephens said.


Nonetheless, there are still students who think Foreign Figures are not worth the extra space in their monthly playlist, such as senior Jonah Fiegleson.


“[I listen] to alternative rock and folk music mostly. [But] I don’t really like [Foreign Figures] style. It’s not super matured yet,” Fiegleson said.


Despite these mixed emotions about the band, students generally agree that it would be a good idea to do more “concerts in the commons” during future lunches.