Students Sing in Cartpool Karaoke

Mason Hall


Bailey Bilderback and Jarem Harris


This year Davis High is introducing two new members to their administration as well as the two other members only being in their third year. Assistant Principal Jeff Williams has had a particularly shocking transition because Davis is the first high school where he has had an administrator position.


“Just the sheer size of the student body is overwhelming sometimes, and getting used to that has been a transition,” said Williams.


While moving schools is a big change, the administration has found that Davis has a really academically dedicated student body.


“Students at Davis, more than anywhere else, are really worried about their education and they push each other quite hard,” Assistant Principal Ross Harris said.

While driven, the students at davis do have a problem with tardiness both Harris and Williams noted.


“Really we don’t have a problem with students missing class, it is mainly just being late,” Harris said.


While both Harris and Williams both expressed that they did not feel a disconnect between the student body and the administration they noted there is improvement to be had.


“There is always room for improvement in anything you do. I feel like I need to be present in the halls so the kids always know that I am there” Williams said.


Davis overall has seemed to acclimate smoothly with the new administration and hopefully will be able to continue the traditions that the school prides itself in.


“My favorite thing about this school is the strong sense of tradition and all the traditions this school has” Harris said.