Farmington High Promises a Higher Education


Kyla Essex, Reporter

Farmington High Promises a Higher Education


Farmington High, newly built school in Davis County, promises exceptional education while being very technologically advanced. Construction of the new school started March of 2015 and will be completed in Fall of 2018, making it the 10th high school in Davis District.

Farmington high will follow the DESK curriculum, Davis Essential Skills and Knowledge. According to the Davis District website, the purpose of the DESK is to focus and prioritize the content students are expected to learn. The new school will provide a number of new classes while adding all the existing ones at Davis and Viewmont High.

“The students put it into their hands for their learning and success,” Farmington High counselor Alan Porter said.


The new school has a unique layout that amplifies blended learning, a combination of online and teacher-led classes, while allowing the students personal learning. It focuses on project-based learning where products are created, eliminating the “sage on stage” style of learning.


“It gives it more of a college feel …. Teachers can be more proactive and intervene along the way,” math department chair Alan Jacobsen said.


The building itself will be well equipped with charging stations, while allowing up to 10 network connections per student, with the max occupancy being 2200 students. A visual dateline program, one similar to Summit Learning will allow the students to track their progress throughout the year.


“It provides instant feedback – you know where you sit,” head of the English department Terri Hall said.

Farmington High will bring a new perspective to education, better preparing students for college and life beyond.


“Self motivators will excel and slackers will really fall back creating a realization,” head of the science department Adam Blundell said.


“We will do the best of what’s here, and we will put them into Farmington,” Jacobsen said.