New High School Impacts DHS Sports Teams


Alyssa Seager

West View of the School


With Farmington High School opening for the 2018-2019 school year, a new competition for sports will be born. Students from Davis High, Viewmont High and surrounding junior high schools will attend Farmington High creating a diverse population, and adding multiple levels of skill to the sports teams. Most, if not all, students from centennial Junior high will attend Farmington High School, Davis High will lose students as well.


“We are loosing about 800 total but then we are going to gain some from Layton Highschool so probably around 5-600,” assistant principal for Davis High, Mr harris said.


The first year Farmington high will be open, It will be in the 5A division and Davis will remain 6A. Due to the lack of seniors that will attend Farmington, the population will be much smaller, only occupying half of the building’s max capacity. The following year, Farmington will be 6A, and permitted to compete against Davis.  


“They will open up as a 5A class the first year, so one division lower than us, but then the next year when they have a full senior class it will be a 6A,” Harris said.


Farmington high will open up new opportunities for students to be apart of a sports team. According to Edutopia, The Social and Academic Benefits of Team Sports, Team sports provide athletes with a natural community. Youth who play sports have higher levels of social support, and that the sense of community created with teammates, coaches, and family members incubates the perfect setting for critical self-esteem development.


“It is really fun, you meet a lot of new people with good coaches and it is fun to play,” soccer player at Davis, Tyson Bailey said.