Marching Band Returns from Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


The school band is truly amazing and every performance they have done is just pure talent. The school marching band have been practicing hard for the Macy’s parade for a really long time now and they just could not believe that they day is finally here. They have put all they got into this preparation and they are excited to finally show the world what they have been working hard on ever since last May.


“Just that it’s weird that it’s so soon, I mean we’ve been working up to this for a really long time and it’s actually here and it’s just gonna be a blast.” Trumpet section leader Josh said.


It feels weird for them because they have been too focused on rehearsals and now even paying attention to the date. The school marching band always does a great job in their competitions and that’s because of how hard-working they are. They started working last May as soon as they heard that they are going to be participating in the Macy’s Parade in New York. For some of the members, it’s their dreams to be in the Macy’s Parade even to be in New York itself is a dream. They work hard together and that is how they are able to do amazing in the Macy’s Parade.


“To prepare for macy’s, we obviously have rehearsals because we need to practice our drill when we get to herald square and then we’re obviously gonna practice parade routes and making sure that we can play our songs.” Head Drummer Emma said.


Working hard is one of their keys to success and that hard works only happens because of their director Mr. Hendricks who has done a great job helping the kids reach their goals. Mr. Hendricks is a very hard-working man and he has passed that onto the kids of Davis High School. He is excited for this parade as well and at the same time couldn’t wait for it to be done so he can have some rest.


“I’m gonna be really excited when this is over, I’m excited for the trip and really super excited for the kids but I will say, it’s been a really stressful last few months for me, and so I’m looking forward to the trip, I’m looking forward to getting out there with the kids and have a great time, a wonderful performance on thanksgiving morning and really showing the people of the country in the world that these great kids from Kaysville, Farmington, and this area are truly fabulous musicians and fabulous performers.” Band Director Mr. Hendricks said.


Even though their Director is gonna be retiring after this this parade, they have even worked more harder so they can make their director proud before leaving. Their preparation for the Macy Parade has been one of the most craziest ride of their lives but despite all that, they had so much fun preparing for it.