Trump Presidency: A Look at the First Year

Bentley Holley


Jaedon Johnson and Brock Saxey

As Americans, Davis High Students are entitled to share their own varying opinions regarding the sitting commander-in-chief, the President of the United States, Donald Trump. These varying opinions have become paramount once again as students judge how Trump has done in his first year as President.


“He is really interesting to me… So let me put it this way, Adolf Hitler was a bad guy. The way he got people to follow him was through his intelligence and the way he layed things out but Donald Trump is not intelligent at all. He’s not appealing to the public, not very intelligent, and all he does is go around and fight with people on twitter,” senior Jacee Sessions said.


Though students have critical views of Trump, some give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying his best.


“Well he is working hard and always has the best intentions but he can be seen as very reckless with his use of social media and how he composes himself,” Senior Brandon Lee said.


Though people see him through varying eyes the reality of the fact that Trump has been President for one year is starting to set in.


“He’s still a young president and we’ll see how he does in the future,” Lee said.


“He hasn’t done as bad as he could’ve done to this point.” Sessions said.