Seniors Lead in Sports with Good Sportsmanship

Bentley Holley


Dallin Toone, Reporter

When playing sports in any program there are always younger athletes and older athletes. In a high school setting, the division between old and young becomes more prevalent in cases where Freshman can play sports with Seniors. Part of long lasting success in programs comes with how underclassmen are affected by Seniors. Interest levels in sports and willingness to try harder boosts when young players love the seniors in their respective sports.

“There is a lot of responsibility because you have to show good leadership and set the example,” Senior Boys Basketball Captain Rich Stucki said.

Being older means having more pressure as well. The longer a student has been in the program the more they will know how their teammates play. They will know the coaching style better as well.

“When I was a Sophomore, the Seniors on the team led by example. We try to coach ourselves so coach (Coach Sims) doesn’t have to interfere as much,” Stucki said.

Players take it upon themselves to be a better person for the team and for themselves. Especially for captains, the bigger load players take off their coach, the more the coaches can actually ‘coach’ the players. Furthering themselves into their goals throughout the season.

“More eyes are on you, you need to show them how to act. [Seniors] set the mood for the team,” said Bates.

Constantly seniors need to be aware of the people around them that look to have an example set. The better the example, the better, longer lasting relationship between teammates and future teammates rises. Teams play better as a result of it too.