Bachelor Auction Provides Unconventional Fundraiser



The school always does thing called the Bachelor’s Auction in order to help other people in need. The school officers chooses the bachelors from each grade and those bachelors would be brave enough to go on a date with someone they know or maybe someone they don’t know.


“Feels pretty good, I’m just grateful to be able to help out and help those families out.” Bachelor Nathan Skonnard said.


It may seem weird for some of us when we watch the bachelors auction themselves off to the girls and the girl that donated the most money gets to have the date with that bachelor but for the bachelors, it feels pretty good because they’re doing it for a great cause. And plus, they’re boys and they do not mind those kind of stuff.


“It’s actually really fun, like it was a little weird when I first got asked but like it’s actually for a really great cause and it’s been so fun so far to just get involved.” Bachelor Nate Jones said.


As long as it’s for a great cause, the boys are willing to do it. Although they have some people that talks them out sometimes but they still did it anyway. All the money they earned from this goes to help out people that are struggling with everything and it is a really good thing.