D’Ettes Prepare for Upcoming Competition Season

Zach Hughes


Mary Dinney and Brooke Christenson

The Drill team practices a lot of long, hard hours in preparation for competition season and football game performances. Working hard is one of their ways to success and they do just that, which is working hard. They have a lot to practice since they not only have one dance routine but 4 to 5 dancing routines. Their dance routines can sometimes be easy and sometimes be hard, depends on how hard they work on it.


“So we have practices everyday at 6 in the morning through first period and then we have the last half hour to get ready and then we also have four hour practices every saturday night and three hour practices every saturday morning and sometimes Tuesday nights are the four hour practices and then saturday mornings are the three hour practices, it’s a lot.” Captain Taylor Hutchinson.


Even though they worked almost every day, they are happy to be always together with the rest of the team. They enjoy practice more when they are together even though some of them tends to mess around way too much while the rest work their best. They are not only teammates but sisters as well, since they spend a lot of times together and get along so well.


“I think my favorite thing about it is just since we’re together so much you build really strong friendships with all the girls and you just get to know them on a more personal level and you know it keeps us fit it helps us to express ourselves in a fun way.” Captain Taylor said.


“I love the relationships I make with my teammates and we have so much fun together and I love performing.” Co-Captain Chandler Watsworth


Despite all the hard work they have done, they are doing great in competitions and they are ready for more competitions. Their director is even trying her best teach them everything they need to know and it is shown that she has done a lot.