Marching Band Prepares for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Going to the Macy’s Parade is one of the biggest and most wanted things the Davis High band has. In order to get in the parade, you have to be experienced and obviously know how to put on a show and the Davis High Band has just that. The band did a really great job applying for this because they got accepted. They made a video of themselves and send it to NBC and they would decide whether or not they like it or not and obviously they liked it. After being accepted, the band has prepare a performance for that parade and of course work hard to perfected it.

“We put together a small show for the herald square performance, it’s 90 seconds long, it has 6 or 7 sets compared to the normal 60 or 70 that our far field show has, we took a group out, we learned it, we had to learn how to get into the area on the streets, we made a video that we send to NBC so they could see what we are doing.” Band Director Mr. Hendricks said.


They tried their best in their audition video that they made which is why they were accepted in by the NBC. After being accepted in, they started practicing really hard starting last May. In order for them to put on a great show, hard-work is their first priority. They put a lot of hard works in their rehearsals and sometimes even stress out but at the end of the day, the outcome is what makes them more excited. Especially going to the Macy’s parade which is a total dream for most of them.


“The parade was so much fun because every single place you went, you’re just surrounded by skyscrapers and it’s just crowded with people who actually like wanna see you and one of the coolest things about it was there is one point where we’re just kind of standing still and then these group of people just started shouting Utah Utah and it was echoing of the skyscrapers and that was so fun.” Senior Paige Christiansen said.


They had the most amazing experience on this trip and they would do it again if there was a chance. They walked the streets they thought they would never walk, visited the places they’ve been dreaming of seeing, and be a part of the 2nd most huge parade in the world which makes their experience even more amazing.


“My favorite part of the trip, after the Thanksgiving parade, we got in nice clothes and we went on this cruise ship that has this Thanksgiving dinner feast for us and i remember just walking on the ship and all the friends g and it’s just a cool experience just walking through and everyone just like looking at us like good job.” Paige Christiansen said.