Indoor Track Prepares Athletes

Bentley Holley


Jace Hinton, Reporter

Many students at this school have the dream to go play Division one the highest level of college competition. With this year’s stand out athletes Zack Olsen and Xakai Harry those dreams can become a reality this year.
“In practice, I try to stay as focused as I can, work really hard to race against my teammates to possible do better and compete against others,” Senior Zack Olsen said. “I don’t really do much to prepare for meets I just go on eBay and post some stuff, gets me going,” Senior Xakai Harry said.
Just like every athlete everyone makes goals. You make goals before your season to either push yourself to strive and do better than last season, or you are trying to beat your PR (Person Record) from last year. Either way everyone sets goals.
“My goal is a lot of people’s goals in track, it’s to go and come may and we go to the state championship meet that I’ll take state in my events and we’ll win as a team,” Zack said. Xakai had more specific goals that he wants to achieve this year. “obviously get three or four indoor state records, long jump 25 feet. high jump 7 ft., 60 meters 6.6.”
The indoor track team has a lot of potential, with a lot of division one athletes competing this year. They all are focused with a winning mindset and have set goals for this year.