Students Discuss New Year’s Resolutions


A New Year’s resolution is an age long tradition for many people, in the United States and beyond. Whether it’s “I will lose weight” or “I will be a lot more kind this year” most people have made a New Year’s resolution before. In many families it’s considered a tradition to make a New Year’s resolution.

“It’s kind of a family thing kind of a tradition you know so yeah,” Junior Travis Murphy said.

Resolutions are common in many people and those people are usually pressured to be a part of it.

“Sometimes my parents force me to,” Senior Brody London said.

Most of the time people will forget their New Year’s resolutions soon after the start of the new year. There are a select few who stick to their resolutions and become a little better. When making a resolution, make sure it’s reasonable, then try as hard as possible to complete it and to be better at life.