Farmington High School Prepares a New Arts Program


Brooke Christenson, Culture Segment Editor

Because Farmington High School will be taking a significant amount of students from Davis High school, many students involved with the arts are concerned about how the arts programs at both schools will be affected.


The AP art teacher at Davis, Mrs Hartman, is excited to be teaching art classes at Farmington. Hartman expects that the new school will offer courses resembling those offered at Davis, so students at the new school will have similar opportunities as those staying at Davis.


“The cool thing about farmington is that we’re going to be using a little bit more technology so a lot of things are gonna be online/traditional cool videos and powerpoints and demonstrations can be done online so kids can teach themselves and learn at home as well as at school,” teacher Mrs Hartman said.


The band program at davis high has recently grown popularity. This year’s marching band had about 325 members, which is more than double the amount which classifies a band to compete in the 5A Large School division. Both high schools are predicted to have a class 5A Large competing marching band.


“I know that the new band teacher is coming up from west lake so he has been very popular and successful, I think he’s been third behind Davis and American Fork every year, so he has a good background,” counselor Mr Porter said.


The former West Lake High School band director will be taking over the band responsibilities at Farmington. For many years, Davis and West Lake marching bands have been close in competition and have  created a rivalry. The successful band directors will be teaching students living near eachother and competing with their neighboring high school.


The arts Program at Farmington High School is expected to be similar and offer most of the same classes that are offered at davis to provide students with an equal opportunity.