Comparisons are Made Between High Schools

Mason Hall

Bailey Bilderback and Jarem Harris

Davis High school, located in Kaysville Utah, is celebrating its 114-year anniversary this school year. Davis began with its boundaries encompassing students from not only all the Davis county area, but also much of what is currently Ogden school district. This Large boundary has slowly whittled down until it will finally be split in the town itself in the Fall of 2018 with the opening of Farmington High School. The school districts reasoning for splitting the city is partly so they can have the appropriate number of students at each school.

“Placing just Farmington students in the new school would mean it opens with less than 1,000 students, which is not a viable population for a school built with a student capacity of nearly 2,100,” Davis School district said.

While many students from Davis will be forced to transfer schools next year the seniors will be allowed the choice of which school they want to attend.

“Soon to be seniors can choose to stay at their current high school,” Davis School District said.

There has been frustration about how residency in Kaysville should affect the boundaries but the Board of Education clarifies that residency and proximity were not their only goals.

“Davis High is well above capacity. In five years, the school is projected to have 3,000 students in the current boundaries. The student enrollment must be decreased at Davis High,” Davis school district said.

Any change will bring conflict and only time will tell how well the boundaries proposed will play out.