Actors Perform in One Acts

Zach Hughes


Mary Dinney and Brooke Christenson

Many talented students host the One Acts Play Festival every year. Each year, a few of students will write a play, hold auditions, and select actors to perform their play. The student writers direct and rehearse their own plays with occasional check-ups from their advisor. The performers practice a lot of hours in preparation for the festival. They spend a lot of time together and create bonds that students say last a lifetime.


“Just the experience of making new friends in there you get close to people” Cast Member Adam Coles said.


Students like to have the option to audition for the one acts plays because it does not require class space in their schedule. Several students participating in the acts auditioned simply because they heard about it or previously watched them and sparked an interest.


“I saw the musical and I just really liked the idea of it” Cast Member Parker Hicks said. “I knew that you didn’t have to be in a class to do one acts, anyone can sign up and do one acts.”


For other students, the festival gives an opportunity to try something new and see if they like it. Students say the one acts have inspired them to pursue an education and possible career path in acting.


“I think this is a start to if you want to be in theatre or not. I’ve never had any theatre experience in my life” Coles said.


One Act Festival performances will be held in the little theatre January 26th through the 30th (Excluding sunday.) Tickets are $5, all funds will go toward future Davis high theatre productions.