Families Carry on Holiday Traditions

Cam Jacobsen

Families Carry on Holiday Traditions

Hope Smith, Reporter

            Traditions are a fun thing to look forward to every Christmas season. Everyone has some kind of tradition. Different people have different opinions on what traditions are.

            “A tradition to me is something that has special meaning to you,” Sophomore Bailey Kealamakia said.

            A tradition doesn’t have to be some big event or activity. It can be any little thing that means a lot to you.

            “Something that people before you have started, and that you carry on and keep on doing. It’s for unity,” Sophomore Griffin Karras said.

            Traditions usually were started years ago and have been passed down from generation to generation. They help bring families together and create memories.

            “I would say it’s something that you do regularly, maybe yearly,” Christmas Enthusiast Lindsey Reich said.

            Traditions happen over regular intervals. They can be every year, every month, or every week.

            “I love Christmas time, I love traditions, you know there’s so many things that me and my family do that I would love to do when I’m older with my family,” Reich said.

            Carrying on your favorite traditions with your future family is an awesome way to show your children a piece of your childhood. It also will help them have just as much fun as you did.

            “I think they’re important because it’s something fun that you can look forward to,” Reich said.

            Traditions are very important because it is good to be consistent and have things to be excited for. They also bring families together, create memories, and bring more unity.

            “I think they’re important because they’re something you always remember. They give you a sense of family,” Sophomore Mike Haven said.