Lunar Anomalies Excite Students

Zach Hughes


Brian Griffiths, Reporter

Astronomy class is a great place to learn about our universe. Some of the greatest astronomers used astronomy in their most famous life works. Examples like Einstein’s E=MC^2 to describe the mass to motion influence in space and Hawking’s theory on radiation of black holes or Hawking’s Radiation. And while we can’t all go out and look through a powerful microscope all the time we can learn about the stars in the astronomy class. The class is run by the marvelous Mr.Merrill which has run the position for the past 3 years.

“Really anyone can take it if your interested. And most days we talk about stuff like the planets in our solar system…Later we talk about stars,” said astronomy teacher Mr. Merrill.

It’s a very popular class and many are definitely interested. It talks about everything from tiny atoms to massive black holes. It’s really no question why students like astronomy class.

“I wanted to learn more about space and what’s out there and I had friends that took it and said that it was a really good class,” said Senior Mckenna Griffin.