Sweet Tooth Fairy Keeps a Good Reputation

Zach Hughes


Brooke Christenson and Mary Dinney

The making of cupcakes not only takes a lot of work but courage and talent as well. It takes a lot of work to make it delicious and takes a lot of courage and talent to make it look beautiful just like how this cupcake shop called Sweet Tooth Fairy does. Most people like this cupcake shop because they have won one of the famous Food Network called Cupcake Wars and of course their cupcakes look stunning and taste very delicious.


“I know the first time we were on Cupcake Wars, I wanna say it was on 2012 and that’s when we actually won and then wherever we were on a year ago was other winners from other shows that came back and competed.” Head Baker Kayla Vogt said.


Their manager and their head baker was being interviewed about their experience of working there and both of them said that it is really challenging and hard at times but you have to be someone that loves cupcakes that much to work in a cupcake shop. Making cupcakes may be challenging and hard at times for them, but they get to have fun in making what they love making.


“Some of them are a lot more elaborate and takes a little bit of time but when you’ve got enough rest before the morning comes, you’re good.” Manager Christina said.


All you need to do is to make sure you get a lot of rest before you enter the bakery shop because making cupcakes takes a lot of patience and you are going to mess up on your way, you just have to know how to control your patience very well, especially when making cupcakes. You might get frustrated from messing up along the way, but just be calm have fun. Working in someone else’s cupcake shop might be hard because you have to follow all their rules like following their design guidelines. You do not come up with your designs, you have to do a design that come from your guidebooks.


“So we don’t really get a lot of free range on the things, we’re allowed to do everything but the cases they picked out for us, we have to follow the guidelines.” Head Baker Kayla V said.


Following guidelines might sometime be hard for the bakers that wants to use their own designs but even if you have to follow guidelines and such, you still get to have fun despite it all. Making cupcakes consists of fun, inspiration, imagination, challenges, talent, and courage.