D’Ettes Finish With an Impressive Season


Kyla Essex and Cam Jacobsen

While the season ended on January 24 with regions, the Davis High School Drill team had a good season. Practicing almost every day, over 20 hours a week, 6 am on A days through first period and Saturday, and 4 hour practices on Tuesdays, the D’ettes prepare extensively for competitions.


“We are still performing at basketball games … we did really good [at regions] but we did not place well,” D’ette Chloe Ulrich said.


A big change to the Drill team was made this year with the addition of three new coaches. Last year the team only had one coach to 30 girls while this year there are three. With more coaching staff, the focus of the team was better, allowing fine line corrections to be made to the dancers’ technique and routines.


“Our coaching staff is really really strong. We have three different coaches that are all new this year, but they’ve done a really good job and brought a lot of changes to the program that have been really good for us,” D’ette Captain Taylor Hutchinson said.


Being on any high school sports team creates unbreakable bonds and relationships. According to Play for Change, “The Relationship of It All: Playing team sport can enhance relationship skills,” sports have the power to enhance an individual’s social skills, particularly, their ability to build healthy relationships.


“It’s kind of like a family because we are here all the time … we are always together and you get to know everyone so well it’s like a family,” Hutchinson said. “We have all become like sisters,” Ulrich continues, “Its a lot of hard work and responsibility and being a team player.”