Students Prepare to Ask to Dances

Zach Hughes


One of the most commonly enjoyed activities by all groups of high school students are dances. Dances have been part of school traditions for decades, and have been known to unite the student body and allow for cheap entertainment for teenagers on the weekends.

“School dances are one of the best parts of the high school experience,” Dartman Parker Hicks said.

As Sweethearts comes to a conclusion, students are beginning to ask to the next dance. Although many students are excited about dances in the future, there are plenty of people who believe that the population of the school asks too early, spends too much money, and become too competitive about who their date will be.

“I feel like girls ‘attack’ faster,” Senior Audrey Nybo said. “For girls choice dances its like ‘I want that guy’ and then everyone gets asked really fast. For boys, I think they have a person in mind that they want to ask, but then because they’re a little bit more chill, they wait. It still happens fast, but it’s not as much of a fight”.

Other students disagree, “I think you should ask when you want to ask,” Senior Kaden Karras said.

“If you want to ask someone really bad then you should ask them early…It’s never too early. If you want to go with that one person, you ask them” Senior Kalvin Stinger said.

Some students also complain that when asking and answering, students are too elaborate. They argue that just staying simple and sweet can be just as meaningful pr even more so as something over the top.

“You find that person that you really want to ask and you just go simple and sweet,” Hicks said. “And you get a poster…[and] dress up all nice and then [you get] a rose.”

Not all students agree with that though. They say that the way that students ask is unique and special compared to other high schools.  

“I think it’s so fun that we ask on doorsteps,” Nybo said. “It’s like a tradition, a super fun game that we play.”

But all in all, when it comes to dances there really is no one time or special place or certain way to ask someone. Just go.

“People need to ask to dances,” Karras said. “There’s going to be a girl or a guy who’s sad they didn’t get asked. Ask to dances people, ask.”