Cheerleaders Prepare For Nationals

Cameron Jacobsen


Cam & Kyla, Sports Team

The Davis High School cheer team has an impeccable record for being one of the best around the state. With nationals coming up, their reputation is put to the test.


“Our goal is to win nationals and be the best we can possibly be,” Cheerleader Mariah Jenkins said.


The real competition starts with try outs, as many girls fight to get a spot on the famous team. From there, the coaches pick the best and the cheerleaders works long and hard hours throughout the year to prepare for nationals and take on local rival, Syracuse high.


“We practice Monday night and Thursday night and every Bday morning through first period and we go to all the games.” Cheerleader Skye Prows said.


The team gains a lot of its motivation and support from the attending students at Davis, who cheer them on at games and competitions.


“When you’re on the mat and everyone is freaking out, you get so pumped up its like adrenaline, it’s awesome.” Prows said.


The Davis high cheer team is leaving a legacy as they go, preparing a reputation for future generations to live up to.


“I want my teammates to remember me by hard work and being fun and stuff.” Prows said. “Just as someone who helped them out and did my best to help the team.” Jenkins continued.