Pageant Participants Encourage Involvement

Zach Hughes


Brooke Christenson and Mary Dinney

The Kaysville Pageant has been going on for quite a while now and the main purpose for it is to encourage all the young girls out there to make their community a better place to live. They do a lot of projects along the way and love it because of the experiences they have gained.

This year’s Pageant is focusing on making a difference in their own community. The young ladies that are in the pageant gets to learn a lot of things about not only their own communities but all the other communities out there.

“Basically it’s all about service and empowering woman kind of thing, it’s a really great organization.” Senior Sidney Paige said

Each of the contestants said that they have learned so many things from being a part of this organization.

“I got a lot of presentation skills out of it, I know how to walk into a business now and get sponsorship and also different kinds of skills I did not think I would get from it.” Senior Ashley Coles said

Apart from doing tons of project and services, these young ladies also enjoys spending time with each other. They love getting to know each other and teaching each other different kinds of skills.