Actors Prepare for Peter and the Starcatcher

Zach Hughes


The advanced theatre class is preparing their annual spring play. They work very hard at their daily rehearsals which are at least three hours long. Cast members have to commit their time and effort for a couple months as they prepare their performance of Peter and the Star Catcher..


“I had never heard of it before andra wanted to do the show, so it was super fun to get to know the show and really become a part of it and now its my everything.” cast member Kelsi Johnson said.


Members of the cast say this years show is unique because it came from a series of books and is the origin story of Peter Pan. They say it is entertaining and includes action packed scenes, humor, a great set, and is appropriate for all ages.


“Its so action packed and so catchy with music, just so fun the whole thing is just a ton of fun and the set is amazing” cast member Chance Petersen said. “Its a great show. You all should come its super fun and great for children, its the origin story of peter pan everybody loves peter pan”


Whether cast members started acting at a young age following their families footsteps or auditioned as an impulse decision, they say they enjoy theatre for the art of performing and for the friendships they make with cast members.


“Theatre is my safe place, it’s where I can go and be myself and be open and confident. The feeling that you get when you’re on stage is just the most beautiful feeling its like this rush of just everything and you’re sharing your experience with everyone and you’re telling the story of your character and you get to touch the audience in a way that a lot of other arts can’t.” Johnson said.


The production begins March 9th and runs through the 14th at 7 PM in the school auditorium.. Tickets are five dollars for students on or at the door.