Me Too Shines Light on Domestic Violence

Bentley Hollley


Jaedon Johnson and Brock Saxey

“Join the movement to support survivors and end sexual violence,” rests as the motto placed on, online presence for the global force: The ‘Me Too’ Movement.


The Me Too Movement has been gaining traction over the past few months and today the cause claims to have amassed more than seventeen million reports of sexual assault.


“It’s amazing that it’s taken this long,” senior Delaney Smith said.


Sexual assault is not a new concept to American society, but its outspoken recognition has never seen anything close to the attention that this movement is creating.


“It’s an uncomfortable truth that needs to be recognized in the media,” senior Jacee Sessions said.


The fact that so few people know about this movement is shocking considering how many women have affected by sexual assault.


“Everybody out there whether they’re a victim of sexual assault or violence or know someone who is, it’s a super big problem that we need to deal with,” senior Aspen Kelly said.


Even Davis High students suffer from sexual harassment in one way or another.


“I’m sure here, even in Kaysville, Utah in our little bubble, sexual assault happens a lot more than we think it would and sexual harassment definitely does happen,” Sessions said.


The Me Too Movement continues to grow and collect followers daily. If there’s one message that these women are sending, it’s that this a matter that deserves attention.