Student Spins Way to Success

Zach Hughes


Brooke Christenson and Mary Dinney

Davis high has many students with unique talents that take a lot of practice outside of school. These students spend great amounts of time doing homework and practicing the many activities they do. Nick Leifson plays the stringed bass and saxophone in orchestra, concert band, jazz band, and marching band. His unique talent is spinning fire.

“I practice [spinning] more than I practice my instruments or do school work” sophomore Nick Leifson said.

He was inspired at a young age to begin spinning fire when he attended an art festival where performers were spinning fire staffs, ropes, hula hoops etc. Nick practiced on broom sticks and pvc pipe until he got an LED staff which he could practice on. He later joined a group in salt lake who he performs shows with.

“they hold practices every sunday, we started putting a show together last week and we’ve been going over safety and stuff, it’s been a lot of work but it’s really fun.” Leifson said.

He performed in the schools talent show and auditioned for america’s got talent on his LED staff. However, he practices and performs on a fire hula hoop, fire staff, fire poi, sword and more.

“I do a lot more than staff like I do fire sword, I do fire hula hoop and I do fire poi, which is the ropes with the little balls on the end that light on fire,” leifson said. “So I do all of that I don’t just do staff because I want to expand and be better and somehow have it become a profession but I don’t know.”

Leifson is just one example of the many talented students who practice and perfect their various hobbies, often times being more than one.