2017-2018 Baseball Season has begun

Cameron Jacobsen


Cameron Jacobsen and Kyla Essex

Davis High School’s baseball season starts March 6. With tryouts just finishing up, the team is getting ready for their season. The team features many students that are on the younger side, and while many say this could bring them down, others say this is where the team shines.


“The team is looking really good from tryouts,” player Jake Wendt said during an interview. “We have a lot of good players who are ready to play their best for the team.”


Sport teams often form bonds between the players, this is what helps a team to succeed. Having a sense of unity can often transform the connection on and off the playing field


“My favorite part about being on the team would be the brotherhood and the friendships that come out of it,” Athlete Stockton Hall claims.


The goal for our baseball team would be to place in regions and eventually take on state.


“We are feeling good this year,” Athlete Parker Jensen starts, “We all have to buy in.”