Soccer Shoots for a Strong Season

Cameron Jacobsen


Cameron Jacobsen and Kyla Essex

In a high school setting for a sport, the team’s ability to play can vary from year to year based on which students are participating on the team. This concept is especially evident in the Davis High School Soccer team.


“The team looks very different from last year, but that is not a bad thing,”Tyson Bailey said in an interview. “Our team looks good this year, maybe even better than last year’s team.”


The team has already played a few games and won all of them. With a perfect winning record starting out the season, the players are very excited to tackle the rest of the year. The main goal of the team is to make it past regionals and maybe into the state playoffs.


“A lot of people say that we are not good enough to make it into state playoffs,” Jeremy Sommer said when asked whether he was confident in the team’s state standings. “I think it’s because we have not got there before but this year I really think we have a chance.”


The team is looking good at the start of the season, and everyone is waiting to see how they will do down the road. With good coaching and great teamwork, the boys soccer team can achieve their goals.