Students Discuss Terrorism

Bentley Holley


Brock Saxey and Jaedon Johnson

Terrorism is global issue that has been growing both in prevalence and recognition across the globe. Citizens look to the government for protection and it’s a hot topic issue whether or not the American government has been successful in securing not only the lives of Americans but the sense of safety and peace.


“No, I don’t believe that the government has done enough to stop the threat of terrorism,” senior Emily White said.


It’s mutually agreeable that terrorism is threatening and should be avoided at all costs. But discussing terrorism and actually protecting our citizens from it our very different.


“The way that they view terrorism just doesn’t help stop it,” junior Kate Duncan said.


When it comes to seriously discussing the issue of terrorism, our governmental leaders are more aware than our students are. Junior high and high school students don’t quite know how to address it.


“It’s not something that we should joke about and I think that people don’t understand it well enough to give it the respect that it deserves,” White said.

One thing that can be agreed upon in this controversial problem is that people deserve to feel safe in America.


“We’re a melting pot and we accept everyone and we want everyone to feel welcomed and accepted here,” Duncan said.


Terrorism seems to only be growing in our increasingly violent world. So the best way we can combat it is by becoming more aware and more vocal in our wants and needs for a future America. A safe and secure sanctuary.