Students Walk Out of Class to Protest

Bentley Holley



High school students in Astoria, Ore., hold up signs during a walkout Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Students across Oregon left class Wednesday to join a call by young activists for stricter gun laws. (Colin Murphey/Daily Astorian via AP)

Jaedon Johnson and Brock Saxey

On a seemingly normal Valentine’s day in Parkland, Florida students at Stoneman Douglas High went to school to learn and be educated on how to become successful members of society. Enter school shooter Nikolas Cruz who had decided he would put an end to the peace at this school. He ended up killing 17 innocent students here and injuring many others. Now the debate on gun control and gun violence has been renewed.


The organizers of the national women’s march decided to organize a walkout in response to this unfortunate event that would support the following viewpoints when it comes to gun violence.


“We are walking out for ALL people who have experienced gun violence, including systemic forms of gun violence that disproportionately impact teens in Black and Brown communities. It is important that when we refer to gun violence, we do not overlook the impact of police brutality and militarized policing, or see police in schools a s a solution. We also recognize the United States has exported gun violence through imperialist foreign policy.”


When one reads the statements listed above they seem not quite factual and mostly opinion. Perhaps students participating in the organizer’s event did not seem to know the terms they were supporting when they stood up from their desk on a Wednesday. Citizens everywhere enjoy the participation by the youth, but were quite perturbed to find that students did not know what they were supporting.