Students Solve Phoenix Controversy

Bentley Holley

Bailey Bilderback, Reporter

Earlier this year when the mascot of the new Farmington High was announced many parents and citizens were worried about the negative associations that may come with the Phoenix. Eventually it turned into a big discussion that was used as leverage to address parents disappointments with the boundary shift.

“I feel like the solution is to act like its not that big of a deal, just push it aside, and not make a big deal about it, because those that are making a big deal out of it, they aren’t really helping anybody, they are just causing more contention in the community”, future farmington high school Greg Romney said.

Many disappointments from parents were addressed with the new opening of the high school; more frequently than was anticipated. The administration at the school decided after the huge uproar to keep the mascot and work with it.

“The plural of the phoenix will be phoenix. Even when addressing the plural form of phoenix it will always stay ‘the phoenix’”, English department head Terri Hall said.

Authorities are going to make accommodations to school named events and they will be changed, in an attempt to take into consideration the parents concern.