Fight the New Drug Club Performs Show


Pornography. Some call it a myth, others a drug as addicting as crack or cocaine. Pornography is “… [a] representation of sexual behaviour in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures, and other media,” (britannica) and it can cause serious problems.

“It gets into your head and destroys everything inside your brain,” Fight the New Drug club member Chloe Wright said. “It’s a true drug and you get addicted to it. It decreases so much of the human and it changes people.”

These warnings are also very similar for life-altering drugs that encourage addiction like pot and nicotine, but yet porn isn’t given the same awareness as it should.

“…it’s filthy, just like garbage,” Fight the New club member Matt Hatch said. “I think a lot of kids don’t understand just how strong it is and how much it is a drug.”

But like Hatch stated, many people do not understand the drug-like properties that surround this addiction and so people stuck in it’s snares may feel helpless because the importance of porn has not been pronounced enough, but there is hope.

“You can go to,” Wright said. “They have methods of helping people, they have more websites [available].Work hard to get rid of it. Try your best to get away from it. It’s not cool, it’s not okay. Work hard and come back.”

“Talk to people about it,” Hatch said. “Talk to your parents, talk to a counselor, talk to even your friends. My dad said this once, it’s something that thrives in the dark. And if you bring it out it will be good. Talk to your religious leaders, if you’re religious, they’ll help too.”

While all the characteristics of pornography have not yet been explored or exploited yet, the addiction is real and there are an abundance of resources available to those who are willing to try to rid the world of it.