Incoming Sophomores Discuss New High School

Zach Hughes

Bailey Bilderback and Olivia Egan

 Entering high school comes with a lot of questions,excitement, and anticipation  especially when it comes to the new Farmington High School.Students are especially excited when it comes to the new way that technology will be used at the school.

“It’ll help me get better grades. And help me learn more,” Baylor Stettler, a ninth grader from Centennial Jr. High said.

“There will be more computers so there will be more online stuff instead of writing,” Jacob Buttars, a ninth grader at Centennial said.

Students are very aware that the technology will affect more than just the way they do their homework.

“I’m interested to see how the school is going to work because they are going to try a tech savvy approach, so I thought that was pretty interesting and how they’re going to take roll and things like that,” Camden Hartley, a ninth grader at Farmington Jr. High said.

Whether you’re excited or nervous about the way that Farmington High School will use technology it can be said that the staff is going in well prepared to help students excel in school and reach their goals.

“I know some awesome teachers that are going over there and I trust them and I think it’s awesome,” Taylor Francis, a ninth grader at Centennial said.